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About Association

Ukrainian Association of Ceramics (UAC) as an international non-profit organization was created on the 22nd of July in 1999 on the basis of self-administration, voluntary involvement and equal rights of its members.

The goals of the Association are:

  • Consolidation and coordination of the activities of its members for the enterprises development;
  • Provision of the favorable conditions for enterprises activities development;
  • Protection of the Ukrainian manufacturers interests in the world market;
  • Assistance in the partners search in Ukraine, as well as in the other countries in the sphere of economy, science and trade;
  • All kinds of trade and economic relations development in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

The main trends of the Association are:

  • Technical and industrial issues: power economy, ecology, quality, standards, certification etc.;
  • External and national trade: marketing, custom barriers, data bases, consultation etc.;
  • Foreign trade support: exhibitions, fairs, commercial delegations, international advertising etc.;
  • Information and communication: information control/distribution, mass media communication;
  • Economic researches: statistics, reports, branch economic policy, etc.;

The partners of the Association:

  • Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Ukraine (
  • The All-Ukrainian Union of Manufactures of Construction Materials (
  • The Ukrainian Construction Association (
  • Association “Glass of Ukraine”
  • Ukrainian research centre on standartisation, certification and quality
  • ASCER – Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (
  • Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (
  • China Building Ceramics & Sanitary ware Association (
  • European Ceramic Industry Association (
  • ICCTAS – Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles & Sanitaryware (
  • Indonesian Ceramic Industry Association (
  • Japan Ceramic Tile manufacturers Association (
  • TCNA – Tile Council of North America, Inc. (
  • TCNA – Mexico (
  • The Italian Association of Ceramics (
  • Turkish Ceramics Federation (

The Association issues the specialized magazine “Ceramics: Style and Fashion“, the unique specialized edition in Ukraine about ceramics world.

The magazine provides the experts with the necessary information of the processes that takes place in the ceramic sphere, and provides the consumers with the information about the novelties of ceramics, sanitary production, accessories for bathrooms and design.

The magazine is distributed in all Ukrainian regions, the State organizations and structures, etc.

We are always glad to our collaboration!

With best regards,


Sergey Voitenko

Ukrainian Association of Ceramics

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