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SOKA Ukraine — a new step forward to ceramics producers service

Ukraine has the chance to have excellent raw materials for ceramics production. A proper way of refining them to the best world standard and a good technical support to use raw materials together with some imported ones provided by SOKA Ukraine can boost the production capacity and profitability.

SOKA Ukraine is a part of the French SOKA group settled more than 60 years ago for exploiting a big kaolin deposit in west of France dedicated to ceramics industries but also to various industries using white fillers: plastic and rubber, chemical industries, brick and cement, fiberglass and many others. The group is providing the most famous ceramics companies worldwide in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa mainly.

SOKA settled in Ukraine in 2006 by the purchase of PLAST, a small deposit close to Pervomajsk in Mykolaiv area, dedicated to brick and tiles industries. SOKA Ukraine bought recently the company ZHEZHELIVSKY KAOLIN based at Kosyatin in Vinnitsa region after the necessary permissions from Ukrainian authorities and will build a refining plant similar to the ones operating in France.

SOKA Ukraine is offering not only raw materials (kaolin and clay) to ceramic producers but also a full support to increase their productivity and technical results provided by experienced engineers coming from well-known ceramics groups. They are working on customer bodies and glazes in the laboratories of the company using the best equipments, and also in customer plant helping to optimize the process by using SOKA products.

SOKA is able to provide the same service with the settling of a new laboratory and the help of the group colleagues. It will be offering to Ukrainian ceramics producers a large portfolio of raw and refined kaolin and clays coming from Ukraine and also from France, Germany and Spain.

The new Ukrainian operation will provide new grades for ceramic bodies but also for glazes and engobes, tableware and fiberglass made to the highest standard of quality. SOKA group was one of the oldest ISO 9000 Quality insurance certified among the kaolin producers some 20 years ago.

The company is also looking after the best logistic solutions in relation with customer’s location and is used to every way of delivery by sea, by road or by rail in bulk or packed in big bags.

SOKA Ukraine
Теl./fax:    +380 44 486 91 00
Теl.:       +380 44 231 34 64

Адрес: 22100 Винницкая обл., Казатин, ул. Довженко 22а

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