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Ukrainian Association of Ceramics assists enterprises, working in the ceramics sphere (ceramic tiles and sanitary ware).

Legal Services:

  • Consulting on legal issues;
  • Composing of agreements, contracts and other documents;
  • Juridical and notarial services;
  • Management of international relations between producers, exporters and importers;
  • Product certification assistance.

Promotional Services:

  • Advertisement, presentation and other articles, as well as block advertising, placement in the specialized publication “Ceramics: Style and Fashion”;
  • Modeling and production of booklets, brochures, product catalogues;
  • All kinds of printing services;
  • Production and placement of advertisement on panels, posters, big boards;
  • Distributing of national and international enterprises business propositions (1000 enterprises – data base) via fax and/ or mail;
  • Participation in the specialized international and national exhibitions;
  • Foreign trips organization for business delegations to the international exhibitions.

Marketing Services:

  • Data provision on the enterprises, working in the ceramics sphere (contact information, activity);
  • Analysis of ceramics market.

We work together for the success of everyone!

Sincerely yours,

Sergey Voitenko

Ukrainian Association of Ceramics

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