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World Ceramic Tile Forum in Brazil 2013

Trade Related Issues.pdf (500 Kb )Press Release.pdf (740 Kb)

Presentations – November 6-8, 2013

6 Nov 2013

3 WCTF_GlobalTrade_ArmandoCafiero

4.1 WCTF_NationalPresentations_ARGENTINA

4.2 WCTF_NationalPresentations_AUSTRALIA

4.3 WCTF_Brazil_ProcessComparison

4.4 WCTF_NationalPresentations_FRANCE

4.5 WCTF NationalPresentations GERMANY

4.6 WCTF_NationalPresentations_CHINA

4.7 WCTF_NationalPresentations_ITALY

4.8 WCTF_NationalPresentations_JAPAN

4.11 WCTF_NationalPresentations_SPAIN

4.12 WCTF_NationalPresentations_TAIWAN

4.13 WCTF_NationalPresentations_TURKEY 

4.15 WCTF_NationalPresentations_UKRAINE

5.1 WCTF_Trade Related aspects_RenaudBatier

7 Nov 2013

5.3 HS codes new proposal agreed at WCTF 08 11 13

5.3 WCTF_WaterAbsorptionUpdate_NorthAmerica

6.1 2013 World Forum ISO WG-1-2-3-5-8 Update

6.2 L Galassini_WG4

6.3 L Galassini WG7

6.4 2013 World Forum North American Sustainability Update

6.4 CET PCR presentation Pedro Riaza

6.4 WCTF_AmericanSustainabilityUpdate

8 Nov 2013

5.3 WCTF_PromotionalActivities_SPAIN.pdf

5.3 WCTF_InconvenientTruths_and LeveragingLimitations.pdf



The World Ceramic Tiles Forum was created in 1994 and is the annual meeting of the ceramic tiles manufacturers worldwide.

In 2013 the 20th World Ceramic Tiles Forum (WCTF) took place in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil from 5th to 10th November and was organized by Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers.

The Forum was attended by the representatives of Australia, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, USA, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine.

Ukrainian Association of ceramicsparticipated in the Forum headed by the President – Vladymir Reva, Vice-President – Nataliya Gubar and PR-manager – Nataliya Cherney.

This year’s WCTF revealed the upward trends in ceramic tiles global consumption and production, and provided an up-date of the current process in the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to review the outdated Harmonised System (HS) classification determining customs codes for ceramic tiles. Moreover, this session of the Forum presented an opportunity to discuss the developments in standardisation at national and international level. The participants also took the opportunity to share the main tendencies, challenges and experiences in the trade of their respective countries.

The consistent rise in consumption and production reflects growing global market for ceramic tiles. Global consumption in 2012 has increased by 4,7% compared to 2011, and the production in 2012 equals more than 10,3 billion square meters of ceramic tiles.

The WCTF is open to all ceramic tiles manufacturers in the world. The next meeting of the WCTF is scheduled for November 2014.

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