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World Ceramic Tiles Forum in China 2014

The 21st World Ceramic Tiles Forum (WCTF) was hosted by the China Building Ceramics and Sanitaryware Association (CBCSA) in Shanghai from 12 to 15 November 2014.

This year’s edition of the Forum was attended by representatives from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the European Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers’ Association.

Among a number of topics covered at the WCTF 2014 the key developments in global trade, Harmonised System (HS) classification, developments in standardisation at national and international level. Participants shared key trends, challenges and experiences in trade from their respective countries.

The next meeting of the WCTF is scheduled in Sevilla, Spain, from 12 to 14 November 2015.


9.2 14 11 14 WCTF 2014 Press Release.pdf


Day 1

4 CBCSA China presentation.pdf

5.1 Australian WCTF 2014.pdf

5.2 Brazil WCTF 2014.pdf

5.3 EU WCTF 2014.pdf

5.4 Germany WCTF 2014.pdf

5.5 India WCTF 2014.pdf

5.6 Indonesia WCTF 2014.pdf

5.7 Italy WCTF 2014.pdf

5.8 Japan WCTF 2014.pdf

5.9 Malaysia WCTF 2014.pdf

5.10 USA WCTF 2014.pdf

5.11 Spain WCTF 2014.pdf

5.12 Turkey WCTF 2014.pdf

5.13 Ukraine WCTF 2014.pdf

5.14 Mexico WCTF 2014.pdf

6.1 WCTF Trade related aspects.pdf

6.2 HS Codes review WCTF 2014.pdf

Day 2

6.2 WCO Explanatory notes comments approved by WCTF.pdf

7.1 Water absorption test methods comments R Batier.pdf

7.2 ISOTC189 WG1 L Galassini WCTF 2014.pdf

7.3 Large ceramic tiles and panels WG4 L Galassini WCTF 2014.pdf

7.4 ISOTC189 WG7 L Galassini WCTF 2014.pdf

7.5 Slip resistance WCTF 2013 J-U Fellhauer.pdf

7.6 Intl PCR Pedro Riaza WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Australia Promotional Activities WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Germany promotional activities WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Indonesia Promotional Activities WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Italy Promotional Activities WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Spain Promotional Activities WCTF 2014.pdf

8 Turkey Promotional Activities WCTF 2014.pdf

9.1 WCTF Decision making process.pdf

Minutes 21st WCTF meeting in Shanghai

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