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23rd World Ceramic Tiles Forum

The representatives of the industry for the production of ceramic tiles gathered in New Delhi, India from 16 to 19 November, 2016 at the 23rd World Ceramic Tiles Forum (WCTF). It was hosted by the Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Ware (ICCTAS).

This year the countries participants were Brazil, India, Italy, Israel, People’s Republic of China, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. The key questions for discussion were global trade, production and consumption trends in ceramic tiles.

16.12.15. WCTF guidelines on new HS codes 2017.pdf

3. Presentation of WCTF production and statistics.pdf

4.2 CET EU presentation.pdf

4.3 Germany WCTF National presentations.pdf

4.4 INDIA Final Presentation(2016).pdf

4.5 Italy WCTF 2016.pdf

4.6 Israel Template.pdf

4.8 China Presentationfrom CBCSA.pdf

4.9 Spain_WF_national_presentation_2016.pdf

4.10 Turkey Template National presentations-TR.pdf

4.11 PRESENTATION_UKRAINE_17.11.2016.pdf

4.12 USA 2016.pdf

5.1 16 11 08 WCTF CET Trade presentation.pdf

5.2 Revision of HS codes.pdf

6.2 WCTF 2016_WG7 update.pdf

6.2.4 WCTF_Slip resistance tests_ISO TC 189 WG 10.pdf

6.3 16 11 16 WCTF_climate & energy.pdf

6.3 Emission reduction actions in China.pdf

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