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Ceramics: Style & Fashion

Edition: 10000;
Periodicity: 4 times per year;

The specialized magazine “Ceramics: Style&Fashion” presents the multitude of interiors for the bathrooms, kitchens, fire-place halls, apartments, houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, using the different variations of ceramics in its decoration.

The photos of interiors are accompanied by the comments of the leading experts of the famous showrooms, shops, factories and enterprises.

The magazine provides the articles about the peculiarities of design and ornamentation for the different kinds of premises and houses. There is also useful information and advices, the interviews with famous architects and designers.

The magazine gives information about all Ukrainian market novelties in ceramics and sanitary ware.

The magazine presents the leading producers and importers of:

  • ceramic tiles,
  • sanitary ware, mixers, accessories,
  • bathroom furniture, mirrors,
  • baths, shower cabins,
  • architectural forms,
  • fire places,
  • decorative ceramics,
  • porcelain and faience,
  • saunas,
  • swimming pools,
  • sanitary production for the inside works,
  • water purificators and heaters,
  • bricks,
  • tile,
  • raw material,
  • special equipment.

The distribution program is working free in:

  • Construction enterprises
  • Immovables agencies
  • Union of immovables spesialists
  • Kiev Immovable Center
  • Association of immovables spesialists (rielters) of Ukraine
  • Building exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad
  • Union of Ukrainian Designers
  • Union of Ukrainian Architects
  • “Ukrbudmaterialy” corporation
  • Specialized exhibitions
  • Borispol airport
  • State management institutes
  • Trade and economic missions

We invite companies (producers, exporters, importers, distributors and dealers) to take part in the next issue.

Advertising in the magazine Ceramics: Style and Fashion 
Contact person : Elena Kobinskaya – e-mail:, tel .: +38 067 610 69 55 .
* For members of the UAC the advertising in the magazine is 50% discount.
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