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Meeting of the Federation of Employers Committee on Subsoil Use. Subsoil is a competitive advantage of the country.

On April 12 this year, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine invited business representatives, profile organizations, enterprises and executive authorities to participate in the meeting of the Federation for Subsoil Use to discuss the results of the Committee’s work in 2017 and priorities for 2018, as well as the formation of joint initiatives for the resolution of urgent problems in the field of the use of subsoil.

The full house at the meeting of the Federation of Employers Committee on the Subsoil Use was another confirmation of the fact that this topic is extremely important for entrepreneurs.
They considered the problematic issues of obtaining special permits for the use of subsoil, prospects for the development of the legislative framework for subsoil use in 2018, and proposals for encouraging the processing of raw materials into high value-added products on the territory of Ukraine.

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