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Your Home, Odessa 2017

The XXXth Exhibition on Construction, Materials & New Technologies «Your Home, Odessa» will be held from the 23th till the 25th of February 2017 in Odessa. This annual well-known since 1995 event opens the construction season.

The Exhibition is being organized under the support and with the active participation of the Odessa Region State Administration, Building Chamber of Ukraine, Department of Architecture and City Planning Odessa City Council, Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture, Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of building materials, Association «Modern trenchless technologies», Asso-ciation Ukrvodokanalecology, Odessa Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Odessa region or-ganization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Odessa branch of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, Public Organization «Association of Odessa builders», Ukrainian Association of Roofers. Exhibition partners have planned a comprehensive program of events.

Main Profiles:

  • Design, construction, repair
  • Building and finishing materials
  • Roofing materials
  • Construction equipment, technologies and equipment
  • Engineering, utilities
  • Elevators and lifting equipment
  • Landscape Architecture and Design
  • Resorts Infrastructure
  • Ceramics and sanitary
  • Interior, decor, light
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • Tools and electrical equipment

In 2016 the organizing committee, taking into account the exhibitors’ and visitors’ wishes has made a decision to hold the traditional beloved by Odessites 14th exhibition «Cottage & Landscape» also in February jointly with «Your Home, Odessa». And in 2017, the exhibition «Your Home, Odessa» will be held the 15th anniversary exhibition «Cottage & Landscape». This year, taking into account the rapid development of the Odessa region as a tourist resort center, the Organizing Committee is actively developing a new direction new exhibition Pro-file «The infrastruc-ture of the resort.»

During the exhibition with the active participation of the project partners there will be versatile pro-gramme of events. The advertising campaign is planned to invite the focused specialists’ audience.

You are invited to include Your Company active participation in the Exhibition «Your Home, Odessa» work!

Organising Committee
Exhibitions Technologies Centre
Office 3, 1, Sabanskiy Lane,
Odessa, 65014, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (048) 777-45-56, (0482) 37-29-36

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